How to Apply - International Students


Direct Enrolment

Click here to apply directly.

If you prefer to download PDF version of JTI International Student Application of Enrolment Form, the enrolment form must be completed in full and be accompanied by the supporting documentation described above. All documents should then be emailed to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you are calling from China at 95040339690, you will be charged for local fee only.


Applying Through an Education Agent

An education agent can assist you with your application and visa arrangements. A JTI registered education agent will:

  • Explain Australia’s education system
  • Help you understand our entry requirements
  • Provide all the necessary course information
  • Organise the documents you'll need
  • Process your application for enrolment with JTI
  • Assist you with your visa application

Some agents may charge a fee for additional services including out-of-pocket expenses. Students should ask about any such costs before engaging the agent’s services.

JTI-accredited education agents best represent JTI because they have expert knowledge of our institution and courses. As we will not accept applications from agents who are not registered with JTI, please refer to our web site for a list of JTI-accredited agents.

Click here to view JTI Authorised Education Agents List.


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