The Minister has announced some changes for Vet Providers

From 1 July, 2015 VET providers will:

  • not be able to charge a student a fee to withdraw, or impede a student’s withdrawal, from a unit of study,
  • ensure all marketing of VET courses and VFH is not misleading,
  • require written agreements with any agent they use to market VET courses supported by VET FEE-HELP,
  • be responsible for their agents’ actions,
  • require their agents to identify the VET provider that a prospective student will be referred to, and the name of the course, and disclose that the agent will receive a commission if the person enrols in the course,
  • disclose the names of all agents in easily-accessible form on their websites,
  • provide information about their courses and a student’s rights and obligations to each student prior to enrolment, and
  • need to provide easily accessible tuition fee and census date information on their websites.

From 1 January, 2016, VET providers will:

  • not be allowed to charge a student the total course tuition fees in one up-front hit - this will result in students only incurring a debt as they progress through a course,
  • have to issue a student with a VET FEE-HELP Invoice Notice at least 14 days prior to each census date for a VET unit study - this will ensure students are fully aware of the debts they may incur after the census date, and
  • not accept a VET FEE-HELP loan request from a student until a two-day ‘cooling off’ period has elapsed after enrolment.

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